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Breathing Life Into Leaders

2017 O2 Network Conference

Jan 26-28. Special guest speakers Jack Groblewski, Tony Miller, and Duane White. Worship led by the amazing Stephen Ward! You don't want to miss it!

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Breathing Life Into Leaders

In our busy lives as spiritual leaders, sometimes it's hard to catch our breath.

Running from event to event, and using all our energy to help sustain others - our relationships and connections are vital to maintain a healthy perspective.

Unfortunately, many times the Kingdom of God resembles Ezekiel 37 as a valley of dry, disconnected, and lifeless bones, but the mission of the 02 network is to breathe life into leaders by providing a place of connection, relationship and encouragement-essentially, a place of "life support" for leaders!

Breathing is a process: We inhale by receiving and exhale by giving. This process is the vision of how God has called us to "breathe spiritually" -- to us and through us. As we connect in a spirit of collaboration and celebration-not competition, we become a mobilized army of God, fulfilling our unique calling as well as advancing Hs Kingdom plans corporately on the earth. We are better together!

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